Do you want to learn more about the epoxy flooring service we offer at Canberra Epoxy Flooring ACT? There are many different types of epoxy floors that you can choose from. Check out the following service options below.

Canberra Epoxy Flooring Services ACT

Epoxy Flooring

Keep any floor protected for longer with epoxy flooring. Canberra Epoxy Flooring offers general epoxy flooring that brings out the beauty of any room. This advanced flooring solution is practical and sustainable, not to mention very attractive. Find out why you need epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Commercial Flooring

How many people step across the flooring in your commercial space throughout the day? All that traffic can take a toll on the flooring, especially if the flooring isn’t strong enough for the job. Epoxy commercial flooring is resistant to the effects of heavy traffic and workloads, which makes it the perfect choice for commercial buildings.

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Never worry about the flooring in your garage ever again. Epoxy coatings are exactly what every garage in the Canberra area needs. Once this flooring is applied, all the cracks, holes, and gaps in the concrete are filled in and protected.

Epoxy Flake Flooring

This durable flooring also comes in a range of different styles. When you choose epoxy flake flooring, we can bring a multi-colored look to life that compliments the setting. These vibrant floors are just as attractive as they are practical.

Our Values


Epoxy is a very safe style of flooring because it’s non-slip and doesn’t crack upon heavy impact. We want to ensure everything about the epoxy flooring is safe from the moment we begin the job. Our employees follow a strict set of instructions to ensure everyone is safe while applying your new floor.

Quality of Work

We aim to impress every customer with the quality of work we do. Every contractor who works for us has a unique passion for epoxy. They look forward to showing our customers how amazing the effects of epoxy flooring are and guarantee quality with every job.

Customer Service

Our top priority is making sure our customers are happy with their new flooring. We work for you to make sure you’re getting the exact flooring that you want. Canberra Epoxy Flooring ACT. strives to build the best customer relationships.